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About Me,

I scale Brands at Enamus, Talent with Foccus

As the Founder of Foccus Group, a fully serviced global recruitment agency, that’s flipped the script on traditional recruitment practises, and Managing Partner of Enamus, a global branding and digital agency that gets people talking about your brand, there’s a reason why I say ‘Brand and talent is my forte.

I want to inspire others to realise the impossible is possible. And as a Brand Ambassador for Women in Tech, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing more opportunities for women and girls in the tech industry, I’m proud to be able to lead the way and help put an end to the gender gap for good.

I’m also the host of Startups and Unicorns, a monthly podcast that unpacks just what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, featuring some of the industry’s most influential people, and have climbed the Apple Podcast charts to sit as high as second in the Entrepreneurship & Business category in Australia.

My Current Roles

I want to inspire others to realise the impossible is possible.

Foccus Group Managing Director
As the Managing Director of Foccus Group, a fully serviced global recruitment agency that specialises in the digital realm, you might say that we’ve flipped the script on outdated recruitment practices. We don’t just wait for talent to come to us, no, we hunt for it. We strive to find the best professionals out there, ready and waiting to use their expertise to make a difference.
Enamus Managing Partner
Fixated on establishing, enabling and catalysing growth for organisations, through red hot branding trends and innovative digital practices, Enamus is the global full-service branding and digital agency you need to know about. We are not a one-punch solution agency, implementing lacklustre and dated marketing strategies selected from a book, because each company is unique and so is your brand identity. When you think of Enamus, think strategy, design, campaigning and production.
Women in Tech Brand Ambassador
Inequality for women still rears its ugly head. Despite being the 21st century, the gender gap, especially when it comes to technology, could not be more apparent. Well, Women in Tech is here to change that. We’re an international non-profit organisation on a mission to flip the script on this injustice, by empowering 5 million women and girls by 2030 to succeed in tech-based career fields. We’re focussing on four primary areas, education, business, social inclusion and advocacy, that desperately need action, to educate, equip and empower women and girls with the necessary skills and confidence they need to succeed.
Bizpay Advisory board Member
Think of BizPay as the AfterPay for businesses. Our technology platform solves cash flow issues, reduces costs and increases sales by allowing your clients to pay just a quarter of the invoice value at the end of each month, interest free! Without having to  consider cash flow at every turn, we help you attract new clients, that may otherwise be deterred by bulky upfront costs, and eliminate that going it alone mentality by making hiring professional services affordable.
Floofers Advisory Board Member
Whether you’re a pet lover, looking for a play date for your fur baby or just want to get paid for pet sitting, our innovative virtual platform helps simplify the pet caring process by connecting pet parents and passionate pet carers together. As Australia’s most advanced pet care platform, we use innovative screening techniques, just like popular ride-sharing companies, to ensure your fur babies are in the safest of safe hands with pet professionals we call - Floofers. Floofers are every day, hardworking Australians looking forward to taking care of your fur baby.
Anywhere Auctions Advisory board Member
As soon as Anywhere Auctions spotted a hole in the real estate market, they were right there to provide a solution. Combining modern technology with traditional auction practises, Anywhere Auctions lets you watch, bid and buy property from anywhere in the Australia directly from your smartphone or laptop. As an Advisory Board Member, I’m honoured to lend my digital expertise to the leaders of digital real estate auctions in Australia, and watch this game-changing concept take over the real-estate industry.


I’ve transformed countless companies who have enlisted my services from just another tech startup, to an innovator ready to flip the industry on its head. It’s time to make that multi-million dollar vision a reality. It’s time to get serious.



Let’s not beat around the bush. As a company, you want to hire the best of the best skilled professionals, with an attitude to suit your company’s cultural mould. Through my extensive network and a decade of experience pairing talent with organisations, let me introduce you to what I call the ‘Netflix of recruiting’ and give your company’s recruiting process the boost it needs.



Ever wonder what made Tesla, Amazon, Apple and Google household names? Branding. To put it plainly, a Brand is how someone perceives an organisation, and Branding? Well, that’s where I come in. Everything from your company’s culture to every customer touchpoint all impact your company’s brand. And with my help, we can shape that perception with a killer, yet unique, marketing strategy.


Everything Digital

Whether it’s IT-enabled tools to improve UI/UX or the innovative practise of social selling, I make it my mission to stay on top of whatever’s trending, or even emerging, by staying ahead of the curve and ensuring your company’s digital space is well prepared for the future.



Integrating available and emerging digital tools for clients who need it the most.



More than just a consultant. I’m an investor in your brand. An equity holder that actually cares about your company. And with my years of experience helping SaaS, Fintech & PropTech companies scale and grow, I can’t wait to use my knowledge to help your company achieve the same limitless potential.



Confidence and finesse, combined with business and tech know-how.



Always on top of whatever’s trending, in Australia and all over the world. Socially selling is the NORM.



Years on years of making mistakes and knowing how to spot talent from a mile away. Attitude over Skills. Skills can be taught, attitude cannot.

"Remember, an investment in self-development pays the highest dividends."

Belinda Agnew

Startups & Unicorns

Ever wondered how startups begin? How that billion-dollar dream becomes a reality? How a simple idea or product suddenly changes everything? Welcome to Startups and Unicorns.

Soaring up the Apple Podcast charts to sit as high as second in the Entrepreneurship & Business category in Australia, we’re sitting amongst the biggest names in business such as Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuk, two of the world’s most innovative business people.

Join your host Belinda Agnew, Managing Partner at Foccus Group and at Enamus, obsessor of all things tech and your resident startup fanatic, as we unpack just what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and stand out as a unicorn in a field of horses.

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