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Trailblazing in the B2B world, Belinda Agnew is Managing Partner at Enamus. She is a highly motivated entrepreneur who has experienced incredible success, is breaking the internet with her followers, and has made a real mark in the B2B world.

Belinda’s approach to staffing combines digital know-how, leadership, management, pizzazz, and a no B.S. approach to dealing with business decisions.

She is the founder of Foccus Group which falls into tech with a digital edge. Aside from her unique approach in utilizing tech to access and scale companies across the globe, she has an eye for brands and helping companies find their voice and build a presence online. Belinda aims to inspire others to realise what seems impossible.

She’s also a host of Startups and Unicorns where her goal is to interview successful entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Currently, she’s also an advisor on a few tech startups in Fintech, Proptech, and SaaS providing value around the brand, marketing, and talent.

Passion. Branding. Talent. Tech. Belinda has years of experience in managing the digital and tech executions for several brands in and outside Australia, the USA, AND Europe. Belinda is helping companies reach digital marketing goals–whatever these goals may be.


Over a decade of hands-on experience in B2B, recruitment, marketing and tech.


Are you finding traditional?

Are your recruitment processes a little dull?

Foccus Group is a fully serviced global recruitment agency with a digital twist.

At Foccus Group we know that experienced professionals don’t just walk through your door. So, we don’t wait for talent to come to us, we hunt for it ourselves.

Together with the power of video and social media, we work closely with employees and employers to ensure we find people that fit each and every role that lands on our desk.

Welcome to the new NORM of recruitment.

BizPay is a technology platform that solves cash flow issues associated with paying business invoices. Our innovative financial products make BizPay the easiest way to grow your business. In the current business environment, the cash flow burden of paying professional service providers or business bills is causing many businesses to try “going it alone”.

The BizPay founding team and its esteemed advisory board are made up of experienced individuals who are passionate about enabling companies to grow by using state of the art technology that simplifies the entire business payment process.
Advisory Board Member

Are you a pet lover who wants to get paid for pet sitting? Then, become a Floofers sitter & enjoy the pawsome benefits.

Floofers is an innovative virtual platform that allows pet parents to connect with passionate pet carers. Join our family to build a business where you can get paid to do what you love on your own terms! Floofers is Australia’s most advanced pet care platform. Backed by technology and a solid screening process, Floofer aims to unite the best pet care professionals with pet parents, creating a happy ecosystem of pet-care solutions in the country. 

Enamus is a full-service branding & marketing boutique that helps organisations establish, enable and catalyse growth through new-age branding trends & digital practices. Enamus lies at the intersection of design & technology and enables impeccable brand experiences at every touchpoint for small to large enterprises.
brand ambassador

Brand Ambassador for Women in Tech. It’s an international organization with a double mission: to close the gender gap and to help women embrace technology including crypto. The gender gap has prevented thousands, if not millions, of women from making it through a sexist corporate ladder. We’re here to change that, through linking up women with tech opportunities, among others.


Anywhere Auctions lets you watch and participate in auctions as they unfold. It is life, in real-time, and brings the auction to you on your mobile device or computer.

A new digital real estate auction technology lets buyers watch and bid from anywhere while the auctioneer sells on the floor and online at the same time. Combining the expertise and excitement of a traditional auction with the efficiency, reach and access of the online market, Anywhere Auctions benefits all parties involved in the property market. It is an exciting new way for agents and vendors to increase auction day attendance and participation by extending their reach to a previously untapped market of buyers.

As a leader of innovation within the property sector, Anywhere Auctions is the perfect example of modern technology and traditional auctions working hand in hand to benefit agents, vendors and buyers.


I help new-age tech startups catalyse growth & scale.

Throughout her jam-packed career, Belinda has helped to transform dozens of companies by seeking out and identifying million-dollar opportunities for growth through the power of content, effective marketing and branding strategy. 


Call me B.



An instinct for talent and potential for innovation through staffing experience. The key to any company is its people



A keen eye on how to improve the overall branding look and message with experience from hundreds of clients.



Always first with IT-enabled tools and social media.



Integrating available and emerging digital tools for clients who need it the most.



A portfolio that spans various industries, such as B2B, Recruitment, SaaS, Fintech & PropTech.



Confidence and finesse, combined with business and tech know-how.



Always on top of whatever’s trending, in Australia and all over the world. Socially selling is the NORM.



Years on years of making mistakes and knowing how to spot talent from a mile away. Attitude over Skills. Skills can be taught, attitude cannot.


Startups & Unicorns


Welcome to Startups and Unicorns, your home to learn all things funding, scaling, talent, branding, and the billion-dollar dream. Finding out how to be a unicorn in a field of horses.

Hear from industry founders and discover how to stand out to those who matter most to your business, with guests like Gavin Rubinstein, David Meltzer, and Gabby Leibovich.

With your host, tech startup fanatic, Founder of Ployd, and Managing Partner @Enamus, Belinda Agnew!

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