How to convince your boss to work from home

Going all-in with WFH!

Maybe it’s time you ask your boss for a permanently work-at-home setup?

If you’re doing better work at home, then why should your boss ask you to come back to the office in a post-pandemic setting?

It’s 2021, already more than a year into the pandemic. With the end almost there and with vaccinations almost ready for everyone, some people expect telecommuting to merely be a passing trend.

But should it just be a trend?

The internet is everywhere. Businesses are doing so well even with employees doing their stuff in the comfort of their homes. Everything is automated.

Employees, Listen up.

If you want to convince your boss you’ll telecommute forever, show your boss two documents:

Your paycheck. And your productivity sheets.

If your figures are higher than the cost of paying you, you’re doing fine at home. Demand to stay there.

Businesses should think twice about asking their employees to come back, just because it seems to be safe. Is it going to be safe at work? Probably. But will it be convenient for teams? Maybe not. Will they love the idea of going back to the daily commute? Unlikely.

Shopify. Twitter. Google. What do these companies have in common? They’re not just tech giants, they’re the companies that make the most sense: They’ve asked their teams to stay at home longer than the pandemic!

Atlassian’s billionaire co-founder and co-chief executive Scott Farquhar has only been in the office three times over the past year and recently announced they are going all-in on working from home.

“I think a lot of companies that are just doing it two days a week, they’re going to really struggle because they are not going to attract or retain talent, and I think they’ll end up going back to the old way because it’s inertia.”

Atlassian’s Scott Farquhar

There’s probably a reason why you’re doing so much better at home than, say, the office where you have to drive one and a half hours every morning: And let me just say that it’s not the good coffee on the corner.

It’s comfort. Working at home has shown to have benefits no office could ever replicate.

⁠With management likely used to the old setup, it could take a lot of convincing before they believe it’s the best way to go. But it’s worth a try. This could be the best time to ask your boss for permanently remote work.

You don’t build a business, you build people. It’s the people.

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